Question: Will PS4 play 3D blue ray?

Question by Me Wii: Will PS4 play 3D blue ray?
I know the the PS3 can (when its connected to a 3DTV) but will the PS4? And will we need a 3DTV to play 3D games on the PS4,or will we need 3D glasses?

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Answer by FenwayFan25
Yes, the PS4 will probably play 3D games/movies. But in order to play a 3D game, you need to have a 3D TV AND glasses. The only way right now that you can play 3D on a non-3D TV is if you have those red/blue glasses, so you will need a 3D TV and 3D glasses.

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  1. Michael Adams

    We don’t know yet, Sony haven’t announced anything about it.

    I would guess that it will involve some form of 3D though.

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