Q & A: Why is my tv flickering?

Question by Tarik: Why is my tv flickering?
My TV flickers when I turn it on but it gets a little better after a while. It flickers especially on white things (my TV is black) lol jk but seriously and if it goes to sleep mode (gets a little darker) and I wake it up, its like ******* fireworks. I have tried unplugging and plugging back in. Any suggestions? Oh BTW its kinda old haier plasma it has an HDMI port so its not really a dinosaur I do have a current LG smart 3D 1080p TV but I want this one too. They are both big so I don’t want to throw away the haier just because its flickering.

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Answer by Alan
I recommend that you stop using the set until you have it repaired – before the fireworks are sparks and flames coming out of the back of the set. Seriously.

You did not mention the size, however Haier sets are pretty much bottom of the line and investing in repairs isn’t always worth it. If the set is 42″ or larger, consider taking it in for at least an estimate (you’ll need to pay a bench fee). It this is just a 32″ or smaller set – replace it and go on.

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